A guide to carhire in Montpellier

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There are plenty of options for carhire in Montpellier. Most of the major carhire firms have offices at the train station and airport. Also, Montpellier runs its own short-term hire car service, Modulauto. By following this guide it’s easy to hire a car in Montpellier.

Train station

If you’re already in Montpellier and need to hire a car for a couple of days or more the train station is probably easiest. Hertz, Avis, and Europcar all share an office, well, more of a portacabin, located in a car park to the right of the train station as you approach from the Comedie. After picking up the keys you exit the car park on Avenue de Maurin. From this road in the south of Montpellier it’s fairly quick and straightforward to get away from the city to the A9 motorway that runs across the south of France to the Spanish border, where it becomes the AP-7 to Barcelona.


A similar arrangement is found at the airport. The same carhire companies share a similar portacabin just outside Montpellier airport (exit, turn left, and cross the road at the taxi rank). Again, the A9 is close by and easy to reach. If you’re driving into Montpellier be aware that the very centre of the old town is now pedestrianised. Parking is available under the Comedie and at other well signpost locations though.


If you only need a car for an afternoon or so every now and then it might be quicker, easier, and cheaper to book through the local transport authority’s rental service, Modulauto. After signing up for a monthly membership plan, which costs €12, you only pay for the hours you use the care and kilometres you travel, making the service ideal for short, occasional trips. Another option is to pay €38 a month for use of all trams, buses, bikes, and cars run by the local authority. A small selection of city cars is available and costs around €3 an hour, plus €0.40 per kilometre. You can reserve your car online and collect it from one of the almost 20 stations in the area.

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