Art and architecture collide in Montpellier this weekend

Photo courtesy of Evi Tsirigotaki

This weekend is your chance to have a nosey inside the beautiful courtyards of the grand townhouses of Montpellier. And check out some sculpture at the same time.

For the annual Festival des Architectures Vives the organisers have opened up the courtyards of selected hôtel particulier in the city centre and installed sculptures in the spaces. By following the trail from townhouse to townhouse you’ll discover what’s hidden behind the majestic double doors dotted around the city and find 11 artworks created by young architects from France, Germany, Spain, and Canada.

This year the theme of the festival is “Surprise” and each artist aims to fulfil this brief through illusion and kaleidoscopic effects in a constant play between movement and natural light. Admission is free and the festival runs from 9am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.

In total there are 11 sculptures. Maps with explanations of each artwork in French are available from all of the open townhouses. Promotional materials list 4 Rue des Trésoriers-de-la-Bourse as the starting point but you could pick up the trail at 26 Rue de l’Aiguillerie, 3 Rue Sainte Croix, or many other locations. You can get a sticker at each townhouse – let us know how many you collect.

Photo courtesy of Evi Tsirigotaki

Information provided by Evi Tsirigotaki.

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