Bus trips out of Montpellier – summer 2012


The summer is the best time to take the bus anywhere out of the city as you’ll find that the extra services stop the day the children go back to school.

A single ticket anywhere within the Hérault Transport network will set you back a whole €1.50, but don’t despair you can buy 10 tickets for just €10!

We found Gignac by accident during a visit to St Guilhem le Desert. Out of season it is used as a bus changover point, we’d read the timetable wrong so had to wait three hours for the connection, but it’s definitely worth a short visit itself.

The 308 bus leaves from the newly built bus terminus at Mosson, which can be easily reached on tram line 3. Once in Gignac you should climb the hill where you will be greeted by stunning views as well as the stations of the cross. Take a hat and factor 30+ though as there’s little shade up there. Carry on further up the route to Pont du Diable or St Guilhem le Desert for a refreshing swim in the river.

Another place worth a look is the interestingly named St Bauzille de Putois which can be found along route 108 to Ganges. Get off the bus at the first stop there and walk along the road in the same direction until you hit a T-junction. Turn left and that’s the town centre. Stop for a lovely cold beer outside the little bar at the end of the street, but do be prepared to use a squat toilet, unless it’s been replaced since the last time we were there.

If you carry on behind the houses you will find the river, where it’s calm enough to have a nice swim. You can always just sit under a tree with a book or have a picnic too. The only real hazard are the canoes and kayaks that come down from Ganges, but they are travelling slowly enough to easily be avoided.

If you’re lucky enough to be there during their annual festival, most of Montpellier’s outlying towns have one, you will be treated to a carnival of floats manned by the locals in fancy dress. It’s possibly the most entertaining wait for a bus I’ve ever had. Be sure to get back to one of the two bus stops in town in good time, the one nearer Ganges is the best, as we have seen people get left behind when they are full!

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