Buying a bike in Montpellier – three places to seal a deal

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Montpellier is a city made for bikes. The city centre is pedestrianised and even the suburbs are easily reachable by bike. Many expats and locals use the Velomagg rental scheme but if you want your own bike, either new or second hand, there are plenty of options. If you are going to buy, and especially if you want an expensive bicycle, we’ve one piece of very important advice – buy a decent lock. Bike theft is commonplace in Montpellier.


Don’t let that put you off ownership though. With a bit of common sense, and a substantial lock, there’s no reason you can’t happily own the same bike for years. Here we present a quick guide to help you with the first step – where to buy a bicycle in Montpellier.


The obvious


The biggest, most obvious place to buy a bike is the Goliath of sports gear shopping in Montpellier, Decathlon. Found at the end of the line one tram, close to a host of other retail giants at Odysseum, Decathlon offers a range of new bikes starting from around €100 (£80). For those willing to look around and take a punt on a second hand bike there’s better value, and service, at other stores. But Decathlon is a quick, easy way to buy a bike.


The dubious


For bikes of dubious origins the flea market at Mosson reigns supreme. Every Sunday morning 10s of second hand bikes in varying degrees of disrepair are up for sale. If you can suppress the part of your mind that’s asking ‘But where do they get the bikes’, or simply don’t care, there are plenty of cheap buys at Mosson. Some are cheap for a reason though. A friend who bought a bike from Mosson attempted to ride home on his new purchase. The bike broke before reaching L’Écusson. Don’t let this cautionary tale put you off though, there are better bikes sold at Mosson.


The virtuous


Pitched somewhere between the corporate monolith of Decathlon and the free for all at Mosson are the small independent bike shops of Montpellier. Near St Roch there’s La Manufacture de Vélo, a serious cycling shop, while behind the Prefecture there’s the electric bicycle store, SoLo Cycles.


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