Can’t find English jobs in Montpelllier? Bring them to you

English speaking jobs in Montpellier

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Jobs in Montpellier for English speakers are hard to find. In theory there are plenty of opportunities, from the big multinational IT firms through to more casual work. But for many finding an opening is tough. So, what to do? Go home with your tail between your legs? Never! Just come at the problem from a different angle. If nobody’s creating jobs in Montpellier, bring them from elsewhere.


In this regard we’ve really never had it so good. The internet has, with some exceptions, severed the tie between where you live and where you work. All you need is an internet connection, chances are you already have the skills. Sceptical? Fair enough, but I’d wager some of your skills fall into one of these categories: programming, design, writing, marketing, administrative, consulting, legal and engineering.


That list is taken from online freelance job hub Elance. Programming accounts for many of the 70,000+ jobs posted each month but even if talk of ColdFusion brings you out in a cold sweat there could be a job for you. The trick is to find your niche, the one thing you have that others don’t. So, if the market for English-French translation jobs is too competitive, find your niche within the niche. Maybe it’s translations of botany texts or software support documents, only you can know.


It’ll take time, patience and perseverance to find the right jobs – and build your reputation – but it’s the only way. Because you really don’t want to compete on price. Someone will always undercut you and then it’s a race to the bottom. And until you’ve looked at Elance – and particularly its rival Odesk – you have no idea how low the bottom really is.


Ideally you’d avoid the freelance meat markets that are Elance and Odesk all together. To dig up that hoariest of cliches, it’s not what you know but who you know.  In everyone’s day there are jobs they lack the time to do or would rather not do. Jobs that they’d gladly pay someone to take off their hands, once they know the service is available. So, contact everyone. Send emails, post on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – you never know what might come up.

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  1. Ciara Fitzgerald December 3, 2015 at 7:38 pm #


    My name is Ciara Fitzgerald, I am a 22 year old French and English graduate looking to spend some time in France. I will be moving with my partner who is only a beginner in French, I was querying if any information can be shared for jobs in Montpellier in order to aid in our move.

    Any information will be appreciated,

    Kind regards,


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