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Can’t find English jobs in Montpelllier? Bring them to you

Jobs in Montpellier for English speakers are hard to find. In theory there are plenty of opportunities, from the big multinational IT firms through to more casual work. But for many finding an opening is tough. So, what to do? Go home with your tail between your legs? Never! Just come at the problem from […]

Who wants to be an Auto-Entrepeneur

Finding a job with a contract in Montpellier is not easy, trust me I tried for three years and failed. This is apparently largely due to the employment laws being firmly weighed in favour of the employee, which also answers the question of why most of the supermarket tills remain unmanned. The jobs are clearly […]

Where are the jobs in France? Possibly closer than you think

Last week we looked at the depressing statistic that Languedoc-Roussillon trails the 9th most populous city in Sweden in a league table of job vacancies in the European Union. While that’s clearly nothing to cheer about – and unemployment in  Languedoc-Roussillon has topped the French average for a decade – drilling down into the data shows its fairly typical for […]

Languedoc-Roussillon trails Sweden’s 9th city for job vacancies

Expat jobseekers beware! Languedoc-Roussillon lags behind the ninth largest city in Sweden in a league table of available jobs in the European Union (EU).   Data collected by the EU employment service, Eures, shows Languedoc-Roussillon has 1,796 job vacancies. This puts the region 78th out of 212 in a league table of EU job vacancies. Just above Languedoc-Roussillon in […]

Five multinational companies with jobs in Montpellier

Multinational companies are one source of English speaking jobs in Montpellier. Fortunately for English speaking job hunters expansion of the city in recent decades has attracted several major multinational companies, as well as supported the rise of internationally-focused French businesses. For English speakers looking for jobs in Montpellier these firms offer the possibility of employment. Here we look […]