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Places to stay in Montpellier

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Montpellier, you really should try one of the following tried and tested options.   Cheap and cheerful €25 - The home of MontpellierLife contributor and friend Phil Booth has recently been added to airbnb. Centrally located, but on one of the quieter streets near the Comedie you […]

Original Version Cinemas in Montpellier

So you want to watch a movie, but don’t want to see it dubbed into French? This may be easier than you think as there are several cinemas in Montpellier that show films in their original version. This can be slightly problematic if the film contains a language other than your own native tongue, but […]

Bus trips out of Montpellier – summer 2012

  The summer is the best time to take the bus anywhere out of the city as you’ll find that the extra services stop the day the children go back to school. A single ticket anywhere within the Hérault Transport network will set you back a whole €1.50, but don’t despair you can buy 10 tickets for […]

Look to the skies – sunsets and stargazing in Montpellier

One of my favourite things about Montpellier is the fact that you can see the sky. There are several excellent vantage points throughout the city, of which Corum, Peyrou and Comedie are the best (in my opinion). Sunset is a fantastic part of the day although, watch out for the mosquitoes, I’ve been bitten right […]

Happy Hours in Montpellier: Your guide to cheaper drinks

For expats shocked at the price of a pint, Happy Hours in Montpellier are a welcome sight. Most bars have them and they aren’t always as short as the title may suggest. This list is by no means exhaustive and may of course be subject to change by any of the participants. You will see […]

Bastille Day in Montpellier: special bus = fireworks

Le 14 juillet, don’t say Bastille Day as nobody will know what you mean, is probably the biggest jour férier in the French calendar. You shouldn’t expect much to be open in Montpellier on this day and, like Christmas Day and New Years Eve, flights may be cheaper. If you do plan to stick around […]

Art and architecture collide in Montpellier this weekend

This weekend is your chance to have a nosey inside the beautiful courtyards of the grand townhouses of Montpellier. And check out some sculpture at the same time. For the annual Festival des Architectures Vives the organisers have opened up the courtyards of selected hôtel particulier in the city centre and installed sculptures in the spaces. By following the trail from townhouse […]

Things to do in Montpellier when it rains – part deux

Oh dear, is it still raining? Fortunately, for a city so perfectly set up for the sun, Montpellier has plenty of things to do when it’s raining, even if you’re accompanied by kids. In part one we ran through the best cinema for English language films, a free photography exhibition, and the local art galleries. […]

A taste of home – British & Irish bars in Montpellier

Having a big expat community and steady ebb and flow of overseas students it’s no surprise that Montpellier has plenty of British and Irish bars. With Guinness on tap and sport on the TV any expat will feel right at home. And while nobody comes to France to live a British or Irish lifestyle, being […]

Is there a better place to see live music than this?

Théâtre de la Mer is possibly the finest venue for live music. Many places offer better acoustics, others a greater feeling of intimacy, but few can match Théâtre de la Mer in Sète for spectacle. As those of you with GCSE French might have figured out already, it’s a theatre by the sea. But that […]