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Dublin to Montpellier – The fastest, cheapest route

In April we need to get from Dublin to Montpellier. Sadly, as with many countries, Ireland is lacking good transport links to Montpellier. And the problem is particularly pronounced in the off-season. If you’re willing to be flexible there are several affordable options though.   We chose to fly from Dublin to Carcassonne with Ryanair. […]

Montpellier train station – the quick guide

Montpellier train station links the city to the rest of France and beyond. TGVs ferry passengers to Paris, Barcelona and Geneva, while local trains connect the city to Nîmes, Sète and other neighbouring towns. Chances are you’ll have to pass through the station at one time or another.   Fortunately departing from Montpellier train station is a relatively […]

Montpellier airport – the quick guide

Montpellier airport is a small but functional place. The lack of anything much to do, see or buy means it’s not a great place to be stuck for 10 hours, as I once was, but fortunately everything generally runs smoothly. It’s small size actually plays in its favour in this regard. Like other small, regional […]

London to Montpellier by train, plane and car

London to Montpellier is a route British expats know well. Even those of us with roots way outside the capital find ourselves taking the trip from time to time. If you’re trying to get to Montpellier from the UK, London is by far the best connected city. As such, it’s hard to avoid the odd […]

Montpellier to Barcelona by train, bus or car

Montpellier to Barcelona takes a little over four hours by train and costs around €40. The speed, cost and simplicity mean it’s many peoples’ preferred way to travel between the twinned cities. In the past the SNCF website has struggled with cross-border bookings but is working at the time of writing. The SNCF ticket office […]

Montpellier zoo – a cheap, fun day out

Montpellier zoo is a cheap, enjoyable day out for kids and adults alike. Set in a park to the north of Montpellier, the zoo houses rhinos, zebras, hippos, giraffes and a host of other animals. Best of all, with the exception of the Amazonian greenhouse, it’s free to enter.   The zoo has an interesting […]

Bus trips out of Montpellier – summer 2012

  The summer is the best time to take the bus anywhere out of the city as you’ll find that the extra services stop the day the children go back to school. A single ticket anywhere within the Hérault Transport network will set you back a whole €1.50, but don’t despair you can buy 10 tickets for […]

Bastille Day in Montpellier: special bus = fireworks

Le 14 juillet, don’t say Bastille Day as nobody will know what you mean, is probably the biggest jour férier in the French calendar. You shouldn’t expect much to be open in Montpellier on this day and, like Christmas Day and New Years Eve, flights may be cheaper. If you do plan to stick around […]

Cars, ferries and a sneaky festival stopover

Got a carload of belongings to transport back to the UK? Why not hire a car, drive for six hours, go to a three day festival, drive another six hours or so, take a ferry to England and then another to bring the car back? Doesn’t sound like a good idea to you, well surprisingly, […]

French train delays mapped – your frustrations made beautiful

This is lovely. SNCF has teamed up with the Senseable City Lab at MIT to create a map of delays over one week. As a happy but infrequent user of the trains – generally for weekends away – I was a little surprised at the number of red dots passing through Montpellier. Interestingly, you can see points […]