Dublin to Montpellier – The fastest, cheapest route

Dublin to Montpellier flights

In April we need to get from Dublin to Montpellier. Sadly, as with many countries, Ireland is lacking good transport links to Montpellier. And the problem is particularly pronounced in the off-season. If you’re willing to be flexible there are several affordable options though.


We chose to fly from Dublin to Carcassonne with Ryanair. It’s a typically cheap flight and the transport in France is straightforward. A shuttle bus connects Carcassonne Airport to the train station. From there it’s €20 for direct train to Montpellier. Our flight leaves Dublin at 9:35am, and all being well we’ll arrive in Montpellier by late afternoon, early evening. You can also get flights from Dublin to Rodez, Marseille, Perpignan and Toulouse, all of which are a train ride from Montpellier.


Drawbacks? We’re staying several hours outside Dublin so have booked a hotel by the airport for the night before the flight. Rooms start at £30, and lots of places offer a shuttle bus to the airport. If you’re staying locally (or willing to make a very early start) you could avoid this cost.


When we ran the sums Dublin to Carcassonne to Montpellier worked out best for our dates. But there are a few alternatives. One way to save on hotel costs is to take two Ryanair flights: Dublin to Luton, Luton to Nimes. There’s a shuttle bus from Nimes airport and then a quick, cheap train ride to Montpellier.


Drawbacks? Does spending seven hours at Luton overnight count? The Dublin flight arrives at 23:10, the Nimes flight leaves at 6:20am. Probably not the nicest way to spend seven hours, but you’ll save on hotel costs. If you do decide to stay overnight check out Sleeping in Airports for tips. We really considered this option as the Ryanair flights are really cheap. But we would have to pay for checked baggage twice, offsetting the savings. Luton also flies to Béziers.


So, Dublin to Montpellier, not easy, but possible.

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