Food & Drink

CC Image courtesy of jean-louis zimmermann on Flickr

France is deservedly revered for its food and Montpellier is no exception. Montpellier is packed with good, reasonably priced restaurants serving traditional French fare and excellent local wines. Below you’ll find a guide to some of the best, from cheap and quick bistros to fine dining places.

If you fancy something quicker there’s no shortage of fast-food joints, although the choice of cuisines is still somewhat limited, despite the arrival of sushi and noodle bars. The same is somewhat true of ingredients sold in supermarkets and groceries but again the situation is improving. Plus by going off the beaten track much more becomes available.

By buying good quality local ingredients and making creative use of the often limited cooking facilities in Montpellier’s apartments you can knock together an excellent meal on the cheap. Partner it with a decent local wine and you’ve got a classy, budget night in. We can’t help with the cooking but the guides below can point you in the direction of the essential ingredients.