CC Image courtesy of Peter Curbishley on Flickr

Montpellier is packed with places to eat. CityVox – like Yelp for France – lists 535 restaurants, ranging from budget burger joints to Michelin starred fine dining eateries. Fortunately for those of us cursed with expensive taste buds but not the wallets to back them up there are plenty of excellent, affordable restaurants in Montpellier.

A possible criticism of Montpellier is a lack of culinary diversity. Most restaurants serve French cuisine and the usual suspects – like confit de canard and foie gras – crop up again and again. Another weakness is the lack of options for vegetarians. Unlike the UK where every restaurant has a veggie option they are few and far between in Montpellier. Eating at least fish really opens up your options.

Having said that, if you know where to look there is life beyond the French staples in Montpellier. And even some options for vegetarians. Below you’ll find restaurants to satisfy the culinary yearnings of veggies, pescatarians, and omnivores alike, be they rich or poor. Bonne appetit!

Restaurants in Montpellier: Our favourite places mapped - Montpellier has an abundance of quality, affordable restaurants. But which one to choose? Here we present an in no way exhaustive interactive map of some of our favourite restaurants in Montpellier, from the quick and cheap to bank-busting special occasion banquets.