Five multinational companies with jobs in Montpellier

jobs in Montpellier, France

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Multinational companies are one source of English speaking jobs in Montpellier. Fortunately for English speaking job hunters expansion of the city in recent decades has attracted several major multinational companies, as well as supported the rise of internationally-focused French businesses. For English speakers looking for jobs in Montpellier these firms offer the possibility of employment. Here we look at a handful of businesses that could help you find work in Montpellier.




IBM is one of several IT companies that have played a central role in the expansion of Montpellier. From its offices to the east of Montpellier, an area known as La Pompignane, IBM handles server performance and stress testing to help clients evaluate their storage systems. You can search for jobs at IBM in Montpellier and other locations here.




A minute away from IBM is other IT behemoth of Montpellier, Dell. Jobs advertised at the office span business development, project management, technical training, and other activities. You can find a full list of jobs currently available at Dell in Montpellier and their selection criteria here.


Access Systems


Another IT firm, located near IBM and Dell, is Access Systems. The company makes software for mobile devices and expanded into Montpellier when it bought PalmSource, owners of the Palm operating system, in 2005. At the time of writing no jobs are listed at the Montpellier office but you can check for updates here.


Royal Canin


The French headquarters of pet food-maker and Mars-subsidiary Royal Canin lies about 30 minutes outside Montpellier on the way to Nimes. Previously advertised jobs, such as the role of brand communication director, have described fluency in French as “a plus” so the company is a possibility for English speakers still working on improving their French.




Solar technology-specialist Phaesun has an office a short drive north east of Montpellier. Phaesun expanded in France in 2011 through a deal with BP Solar. At the time of writing no jobs in Montpellier are listed at Phaesun but you can check here for updates.

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