Five things to do with your kids in Montpellier in winter time

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There are more and more things to do with kids in Montpellier in Winter. Here Evi Tsirigotaki looks at five of the best.


  1. Chez Ninou (14 Rue des Sœurs-Noires, quartier St.Roch)


This is one of the places that people – i.e. mothers I met at my daughter’s school – were talking about months before it even opened. Judging from its recent jam-packed opening, Le Café des Bebes has filled a need that was long overdue. Charlotte and Stephane Aubertin, owners and parents themselves, decided to bring this successful concept already existing in several French cities, offering a space where parents can meet other parents while their babies/children are playing in a safe eco-friendly environment. Along with a completely organic menu for kids and adults, the café is equipped with high chairs, small tables, play mats, a pushchair area, nappy changing facilities, drawing boards and lots of toys that will keep your kid busy. The café also organizes music, dance and arts and crafts workshops as well as talks by experts on nutrition, breastfeeding, etc.


  1. Beubeul lounge (6 Rue Eugene Lisbonne)


Also located in the historic center (near Sainte Anne Gallery), Beubeul Lounge boasts 160sq.m. of playground space filled with toys for kids of all ages. It is also a café and a meeting place offering a variety of events varying from arts and crafts to cooking workshops catered to children. There is a €2 participation fee and the rates for the workshops vary accordingly. The lounge was featured in a video on France 3.


  1. Nestor Burma cinema (2 Rue Marcelin-Albert)


A 20 minute bus ride from the centre of Montpellier (quartier Celleneuve), this little municipal cinema has a special kids’ programme offering a new film every week as well as special presentations organised by experts. All non-French films are dubbed and the ticket is €3.



  1. Montpellier National Orchestra (Place Comedie)


At €1.50, the National Orchestra offers a series of educational concerts for kids from 4 years and up, plus the opportunity to learn about different instruments and classical composers.



  1. Musee Fabre (39 bd. Bonne-Nouvelle)


Every Wednesday morning, the Museum offers art workshops for kids taught by the museum staff. This school year, they offer three semesters for kids 6-10 years old, on three subjects; the different representations of the werewolf throughout art, the “exquisite corpse” based on the famous surrealist game and on the nature of color through the use of painting and other media.

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