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Finding an apartment or house to rent or buy can be one of the hardest, most stressful aspects of moving to Montpellier. The process differs from the UK and other countries, plus there’s specialist vocabulary to learn. Relocation agents will take on the task, for a fee, but even if you take this route the following articles should give you a useful grounding in what to expect when looking for housing in Montpellier.

A quick guide to living in…

L’Écusson - L’Écusson is the name for the old, historic centre of Montpellier. It’s also many peoples first choice when looking for housing and accommodation in Montpellier.

Antigone - Stretching east from the old centre of Montpellier to newer developments by the river, Antigone is a modern, neo-classical development housing many 100s of apartments.

Gambetta - A tired looking North African district, Gambetta is few peoples’ first choice when looking for accommodation in Montpellier. But if you’re willing to look beyond the buildings’ weathered façades there’s a lot to like about the area.

Tips and tricks

The pros and cons of renting through an agency - Many flats in Montpellier are rented by agencies, such as Century 21, which act as a link between the owner of the property and the tenant. Here we run through the pros and cons of renting an apartment or house through an estate agent in Montpellier.