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Finding jobs in Montpellier can be tough. Away from the rapid expansion and arrival of big businesses there are economic problems. In 2011 unemployment again topped 12% and has been well above the national average since at least 2003. This visualisation in Le Monde shows the scale of the problem.

But don’t let that put you off. Even as an English speaker with weak French there are jobs in Montpellier but only a lucky few find one within weeks of arriving. You can tip the odds in your favour though. We certainly did. Here’s how.

Five multinationals with jobs in Montpellier - Multinational companies are one source of English speaking jobs in Montpellier. Fortunately for English speaking job hunters expansion of the city in recent decades has attracted several major multinational companies. Here we look at a handful of businesses that could help you find work in Montpellier.