La Rentrée and Antigone des Associations Montpellier 2012

September throughout France is known as la rentrée. In Montpellier, it signals the return to normal life, businesses reopen, kids go back to school and tourist numbers diminish, but not much. It effectively brings the life back after the sleepy summertime and is much welcome as are the cooler temperatures. It also signals the beginning of strike season, but that’s another post in itself.

One of the highlights of la rentrée is Antigone des associations which this year takes place on Sunday September 9th. Antigone effectively becomes the biggest freshers’ fair I have even seen. The difference being it’s for the whole population, not just students. Young and old can join numerous associations, societies and clubs from martial arts, to tap dancing (claquettes), choirs to stargazing and scuba diving to painting. You’ll find a full and interactive list here.

Also included are the local anglophone associations. The French American Center hold several events throughout the year and are well worth checking out. Outbound, or The IEAM (International Education Association of Montpellier) are specifically for anglophone families. There’s even a French Scottish Association and loads more. Let us know which, if any, you decide to join.

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