Languedoc Solidarity with Refugees



This multicultural group has been set up to provide humanitarian support and to increase awareness of the refugee crisis in the Languedoc. You can find out more on their website and facebook page.


They have also provided the following links for anybody in the Montpellier area who wants to help:


CIMADE (legal and administrative aid, French courses)

MONTPELLIER-28 Rue du Faubourg Boutonnet, tel: 09 71 25 52 52

SETE-427 bd de Verdun, tel: 09 52 71 99 24


GAMMES MONTPELLIER (helping homeless and asylum seekers, active role at the new refugee center in MTP; help with schoolwork and other activities)

Address19 Rue St. Claude, 34000 Montpellier, tel :04 67 12 85 55


ASSOCIATION FAMILIALE D’ENTRAIDE PROTESTANTE DE MONTPELLIER (various actions against social exclusion, food aid)

(A.F.E.P.), 1 bis rue Brueys



18 Rue Henri Dunant, 34000 Montpellier, tel:04 99 23 27 17


ATD QUART MONDE (education)

(contact M. Roquefort), 529 Ave des etats du Languedoc

tel: 04 67 99 92 74, mob :06 81 06 30 24 FREE



Espace Martin Luther King 27 bd Louis Blanc (Wednesdays 18.00 -19.00, tel: 0467725909; Solidarité Dom Tom 216 av Louisville (second and fourth Thursday of the month from 16.00 -17.00)


FREE SYRIA MONTPELLIER (taking donations and sending them to refugee camps)

Espace Martin Luther King 27 bd Louis Blanc, tel: 07 82 36 94 58


Please note that any revenue generated via this page will be donated to the cause. Thank you.




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