London to Montpellier by train, plane and car

London to Montpellier is a route British expats know well. Even those of us with roots way outside the capital find ourselves taking the trip from time to time. If you’re trying to get to Montpellier from the UK, London is by far the best connected city. As such, it’s hard to avoid the odd trip through Gatwick or Luton.


Off-season flights from Gatwick to Montpellier can cost little more than £20 with easyJet, but the price ramps up if you leave it late or want to travel during peak times. The summer does at least bring greater choice to soften the blow of higher prices. In the past Ryanair has operated between Stansted and Montpellier.


If you have more time and money to play with, the London to Montpellier train is an alternative. St Pancras to Montpellier takes close to eight hours and can be found for less than £60. And you do get quite a lot for your £60. It won’t cost you a penny more to bring a suitcase and there’s no worrying about weight limits. Also, Montpellier train station is right in the centre of the city so you could save on taxis. A taxi from Montpellier airport to the city centre can cost upwards of €30.


London to Montpellier by road


Of course, driving from London to Montpellier trumps trains on luggage capacity and door-to-door service. But after you’ve factored in fuel, tolls and crossing the channel, so does the cost. ViaMichelin estimates fuel and tolls will set you back £190. The Dover-Calais ferry adds another £40 to the cost. Obviously if you have a car full of people or luggage taking the roads has advantages. And the flexibility to stop along the way, take the scenic route and enjoy France are unparalleled. We’d definitely recommend driving the length of France at least once.

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