Look to the skies – sunsets and stargazing in Montpellier

One of my favourite things about Montpellier is the fact that you can see the sky. There are several excellent vantage points throughout the city, of which Corum, Peyrou and Comedie are the best (in my opinion). Sunset is a fantastic part of the day although, watch out for the mosquitoes, I’ve been bitten right up to Christmas!


If you’d like to try a different view why not go to the free sky observation evening at  Domaine Fondespierre in Castries which has been organised by the Agglomeration and planetarium Galileo. It takes place this Wednesday, July 25th from 19:30 and is open to the whole family.


You’re able to bring your own picnic to enjoy during a concert by “Tana and the Pocket Philharmonic” at 20:00 and later, if your French is up to it, there will be two free lectures about the night sky.


Unfortunately, you will need a car to get out there, but it promises to be a magical evening. Make sure to keep an eye on the planetarium website as the date may be changed to Thursday if the weather conditions are unfavourable.

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