Montpellier airport – the quick guide

Montpellier airport

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Montpellier airport is a small but functional place. The lack of anything much to do, see or buy means it’s not a great place to be stuck for 10 hours, as I once was, but fortunately everything generally runs smoothly. It’s small size actually plays in its favour in this regard. Like other small, regional airports, on a good day you can clear check in and security in minutes.

Queues can form at the easyJet and AirFrance check-ins, but they’re small compared to other airports. And if you’ve checked in online and only have carry-on baggage, Montpellier airport is a breeze. Despite only having two scanners upstairs, security rarely takes more than a few minutes, meaning you can get to your gate within five minutes of arriving at the airport.

Once there you won’t have much to do though. There’s just an intermittently open cafe and small shop selling regional fare on the other side of security. If you’ve time to kill it’s probably best to hold off on going through security. There’s an ok cafe and newsagent by the check-in desks, plus a bar down the far end of Montpellier airport. Both the bar and cafe are nicer places to pass 30 minutes than anywhere you’ll find after going through security.

Arriving at Montpellier airport

Landing at Montpellier airport is equally painless. Queuing at customs rarely lasts more than 10 minutes, by which time you bag might be waiting on the carousel in the next room.  If your suitcase doesn’t arrive, turn right out of the baggage claim exit, walk a few paces and you’ll see a small lost luggage office on your right. Hopefully you’ll never need to know that though. The airport exit is in front of you as you leave the baggage claim area.

A taxi rank is on your left after you pass through the exit doors. It rarely takes long to get a taxi but it’ll cost you upwards of €30 to get into the centre of town. The shuttle bus is a cheaper option but, for reasons beyond my comprehension, doesn’t allows seem to sync up with incoming flights. As you look out from the entrance, you’ll see the bus stop by a low-rise building on the road into Montpellier airport. A timetable is posted on the bus stop, or you can check online before you fly.

If you’re lucky enough to have a conveniently timed bus, it’ll only cost you €1.50 to get to Place de la Europe, a small transport hub at the end of the Antigone. Tickets are bought from the driver. If you’re going somewhere on the tram route, ask the driver for a combined bus and tram ticket. This costs €2.50 – cheaper than if you buy separately - and allows you to use the tram stops at Place de la Europe to get into the centre of town, or wherever else you need to go.

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