Montpellier Marathon 2012

Do you know this smurf?

It might be October, but the sun came out for Montpellier’s third marathon! As well as the full race, there was a children’s race and relay options where teams of up to seven people could compete, so runners of all ages and all levels could take part. There were also prizes for the best fancy-dress outfits, which meant there were some very funny runners, including a team of smurfs, Minnie Mouses (Minnie Mice?), WonderWoman (unfortunately I was laughing too hard to take a picture – he looked excellent), and some rather harassed-looking people in tutus carrying brass instruments.

Team Bime

My office had two teams running in the marathon, and another team of supporters (including me) who covered almost as much ground by foot, tram, car and pushchair, going to the relay exchange points to cheer our colleagues on!  I got to the Comedie and installed myself at the final corner before the finishing straight just before the three hour mark for those running the full marathon; some were grim-faced, some limping, some bleeding (ouch!) but the crowd cheered them on and those in difficulties were helped by the stewards and other runners.  I felt a bit sorry for some people who had just run a full 26 miles being overtaken by the fresher-looking and faster runners from the relay race, often with the last-leg runner being joined by their colleagues!

The Bime teams finished strongly – one of our runners, Omar, put such a final sprint in that he was too fast for me to take a picture! – and we then installed ourselves on the terrace of one of the restaurants on the Comedie (Piazza Papa) for some well-earned lunch and beer, with a great view of the final runners completing the home straight.  In fact, the last man in got one of the biggest cheers of the day, as he was escorted up to the finish line by two motorcycle policemen, giving occasional toots of their sirens, to encourage him home.


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