Montpellier to Barcelona by train, bus or car

Montpellier to Barcelona takes a little over four hours by train and costs around €40. The speed, cost and simplicity mean it’s many peoples’ preferred way to travel between the twinned cities. In the past the SNCF website has struggled with cross-border bookings but is working at the time of writing. The SNCF ticket office at Gare St Roch and on Rue St Guilhem can help if the website fails.


Travelers have a few options on train times too. Generally a direct but more expensive train leaves Montpellier train station at around 7:30, getting into Barcelona Sants before midday. It’s actually quicker to get one of the later trains that change  just inside the Spanish border at Figueres. Changing at Figueres is painless, with the onwards train often waiting on the next platform when you pull into the station. Montpellier to Barcelona takes just over four hours on these trains, which leave Gare St Roch at 10:40 and 17:40.


Barcelona Sants is away from the touristic heart of the city but well connected by the metro system. Plaça de Catalunya,  Sagrada Família and Camp Nou are all within a ten minute subway ride. A door-to-door travel time of less than five hours is realistic. And most of that time is spent on a comfortable, scenic train ride.


Montpellier to Barcelona by road


Trains aren’t the only way to get from Montpellier to Barcelona though. Those with a car can drive down the A9 and arrive in a little over three hours. The slower, cheaper way is to take a Eurolines bus. Book in advance and you can get a return for €40, less than half the price by train.


Making those savings means sacrificing a little comfort and convenience though. The bus is notably slower, taking between five and six hours depending on when you travel. Also, while the bus is perfectly comfortable, the train has the edge. Whether that edge is worth €40 is another question. I’ve taken both and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the bus if you can get a good price.


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  1. sophie Lemesurier January 14, 2015 at 1:02 pm #

    Driving is not always a good idea: with different motoring rules in different countries. The trains sounds ideal, than everyone can enjoy the scenery… best wishes for all.

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