Takeaways in Montpellier: Six of our favourites

The takeaway scene in Montpellier is dominated by identikit kebab houses, churning out tasty but generic kebabs, burgers and falafels. These places are perfectly fine but a little generic. And there really is only so many times you can eat kebab before you start to crave something a little different. Fortunately there are alternatives. While Montpellier is clearly no New York when it comes to culinary diversity, there’s enough to keep most people satisfied.


Here we map some of our favourite takeaways. From lesser known sushi joints to the perfect pizza to line a beer-filled stomach, there’s hopefully something here to please most palates. We’ve tried to cover all of the main types of takeaway available in Montpellier – burgers, kebabs, pizzas, sushi, Chinese-style stir frys and falafel are all represented – but if we’ve missed any of your favourite places then please sound off in the comment section. If nothing else it’ll give us an excuse to try a new takeaway.


Not that we need much of an excuse.


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