Things to do in Montpellier when it rains – part deux

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Oh dear, is it still raining? Fortunately, for a city so perfectly set up for the sun, Montpellier has plenty of things to do when it’s raining, even if you’re accompanied by kids. In part one we ran through the best cinema for English language films, a free photography exhibition, and the local art galleries. Here we look at the aquarium at Odysseum and other things to do in Montpellier when it’s raining.

Under the sea, under the sea

At the end of the line one tram line lies the commercial hub of Odysseum. Among the theme restaurants and aircraft hanger sized shops is an aquarium. Open seven days a week from 10:00 to 19:00, with the exception of July and August when it closes an hour later, the aquarium is fairly small but a good way to pass 90 minutes on a grim day.

Several features of the aquarium make it particularly good for kids. It’s more hands on than some aquariums and, more surprisingly, has a theatrical element running through the exhibits. Adults and children alike will enjoy the ‘ship in a storm’ feature which is one of several ways in which it expands beyond simply looking at fish. Well worth a visit, even on a pleasant day

Hole up in a pub

Probably not one for the kids but for adults there are few finer ways to spend a grim day than sheltered in a warm cosy pub. For me French bars lack the homeliness needed to be an ideal shelter from the storm so the selection of British and Irish bars are preferable when it’s raining in Montpellier.

Tucked away on a beautiful little square just off Rue Foch, not far from L’arc de triomphe de Montpellier, is O’Carolans. This Irish bar features multiple screens showing live sport and a choice of beers that’ll be familiar to most. It’s sister pub Fitzpatricks lies a 10 minute walk away near St Roch and offers an equally pleasant way to escape the rain.


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