Tram lines one + two = three days out in Montpellier

Montpellier now has four tram lines, plus plans for a fifth, but until 2012 managed with just two. Fortunately for those of us living in Montpellier before the doubling of capacity lines one and two link the city centre with some excellent days out on the outskirts of town. Here we look at three of the best day trips in Montpellier on lines one and two.

City swimming

Need a refreshing, freshwater swim? It’s just a tram ride away. Le Crès lies just beyond the city centre on the line 2 tram line (the flowery one). Get on a tram heading to Jacou and get off at at Via Domitia, two stops before the end of the line. From here it’s a 15 minute walk to the lake, a lovely place for a paddle, swim, or just a sit away from the city centre.

Flea market

Take a tram out to Mosson on a Sunday morning and you’ll find an utterly different experience. Jump on tram line one or three to Mosson you’ll find a huge flea market selling just about everything you can imagine. Bicycles, books, clothing, shoes, meat cutting equipment, broken (and working) electrical products, and, on one occasion, a microwave door are just a sample of the bizarre diversity of items available for sale. Even if you’re not in the market for a microwave door, the market is an cheap, fun way to spend a few hours. Just watch out for sunburn as there’s little shade. Pack a hat to shield your head, or just buy one of the 100s on sale at Mosson.

Domaine de Méric

A short walk North from Saint-Lazare lies ‎Domaine de Méric, a property and park which used to belong to the family of the painter, Frédéric Bazille. In the spring and summer the meadow explodes into colour, as shown in the photo above, and the sounds of birds and bugs fill the air. A wooded area offers a cool shelter from the sun and you can also sit by the river.


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