Trams in Montpellier

CC Image courtesy of Chez Julius Livre 1 on Flickr

Montpellier now has four tramlines, plus plans for a fifth, which link its expanding suburbs to each other and the old town. The trams are fairly clean, reliable, and affordable but can, on occasion, confuse the uninitiated. Here we present a quick guide to avoiding the pitfalls and the places that await once you start riding the trams in Montpellier.

Tram lines one + two = three days out in Montpellier - Montpellier now has four tram lines, plus plans for a fifth, but until 2012 managed with just two.  Lines one and two link the city centre with some excellent days out on the outskirts of town. Here we look at three of the best day trips in Montpellier on lines one and two.