Who wants to be an Auto-Entrepeneur

Finding a job with a contract in Montpellier is not easy, trust me I tried for three years and failed. This is apparently largely due to the employment laws being firmly weighed in favour of the employee, which also answers the question of why most of the supermarket tills remain unmanned. The jobs are clearly there, but a reluctance to hire anybody wins over the need to serve paying customers. Sorry, this is not a gripe about French supermarkets, I’ll save that for another time.


The nearest I could get to being gainfully employed was to register auto-entrepeneur. The whole process can be done fairly easily online at the CFE website. If you do get stuck you could try emailing Lulu at Moving to Montpellier, her and her husband Francis have done this many times before and are extremely helpful. Once registered you will be immediately bombarded with official looking junkmail demanding money for various things. I was advised to ignore these and have.


So now you have a SIRET, this is the number that you need to put on your invoices to clients whether they be for teaching, cleaning or any number of other jobs that can be done under the table or legitimately if they are prepared to pay you the additional 23% that you will have to pay in charges. And you will have to pay it on everything you declare as there is no tax-free threshold.


Declaring and paying are another beurocratic minefield. You have a login for the CFE website so just need to click Déclarez et payez en ligne, think again. You need to register again to declare and pay and this requires a social security number. This I am still in the process of obtaining so unfortunately my taxes maybe a little late, but then seeing as I’ve not yet been able to declare my earnings I’m not really sure how they can tell.


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